January 9, 2011

It's Never Too Late

So I didn't get to document my wedding planning process on this blog like I originally intended. I decided to start at about the 3 month mark - what was I thinking?! 3 months till the BIG DAY and start a blog. Yep, sounds simple enough, right? Wrong!

I was much too busy with the wedding planning and not used to regularly blogging. Needless to say, disaster ensued. Since I've decided to keep this blog for now, I figure why not blog about the planning process? I've definitely learned quite a bit during the process so maybe I can help other brides out there (as if anyone actually reads this thing). So what if I'm no longer a bride? I'm a newlywed and everything is still fresh on my mind.

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading it almost as much as I've enjoyed planning and executing it. =)


  1. I read your blog :D :D

    I wasn't very good at documenting my wedding planning while I was actually doing it, so no worries! Sometimes you have better insight about the planning process after the fact :) Good for you for keeping up with blogging this year!