February 14, 2011

Words Ring True

Developing love and compassion and reducing anger and spite is a universal activity which requires no faith in any religion whatsoever.
One may practice religion or not, but so long as we seek happiness and continue to live in society, love and affection are indispensable.

- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? I wish that were the case... my husband and I are directly affected by religious bias and while we don't let it bother us now, it will get a little trickier in the future. I'm sure that once we decide to start a family our different religions will become a bigger issue with the grandparents. I am confident that we will get through it; it isn't something we take lightly and we have discussed it at length before taking the big leap into marriage.

The two quotes above ring very true to me; I take them to heart and plan on passing that wisdom along to my future children.

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